Originally shared July 20, 2023

The articles we've shared in the past have typically been authored or co-authored by TAT Technologies' president, Harb Nayar. This week we wanted to do something different and share an article written by someone else! The article is The Role of Furnace Atmosphere in Sintering (part 1), originally published in Industrial Heat Treating on June 2, 2015 by Daniel H. Herring. Dan is well-known in thermal processing in general and the heat treat industry in particular. His knowledge and experience has earned him the nickname Dr. Heat Treat, and he has published many articles in Industrial Heat Treating magazine.

We're choosing to highlight this article because it summarizes the importance of atmosphere in powdered metal sintering, as well as some other principal PM sintering topics, in a brief but very informative manner. These are the same topics TAT Technologies tackles with its clients and in its hands-on PM sintering courses, such as:

  • A basic introduction to what sintering does to PM parts.

  • The material and process variables that dictate sintering.

  • How each operation must determine its own sintering atmosphere.

  • What sintering atmospheres accomplish at various stages of sintering.

  • How sintering atmospheres impact and accomplish delubrication.

  • The relationship between sintering atmosphere and equipment design.

  • The most common sintering atmospheres found in powdered metal.

You can read the article by Dan Herring HERE.

If you are interested in the aforementioned sintering courses we offer that cover everything discussed in the article coming this September, please click HERE for course 1 information and HERE for course 2 information.