TAT's patented Lubricant Burner Technology (LBT) is the most effective and efficient delube assist for continuous belt and pusher furnaces.

LBT's simple and operator friendly controls keep your process in control.

LBT is also used for pre-heating powder, powder paste, or any other product for annealing or brazing processes to approximately 1000°F very quickly.

By harnessing the potential energy of the furnace atmosphere and the lubricants used in the compaction portion of the PM process, LBT quickly heats parts up to 1000°F at virtually no cost.

LBT helps to significantly increase the throughput in the sintering, annealing, and brazing processes.

Traditional delube assist units require the addition of natural gas to help in the process.  These units need constant adjusting and are notoriously problematic in production environments.

Furnaces without delube assist equipment require a stack burner that oxidizes VOCs by way of a natural gas flame in the chimney.

TAT's LBT operates on compressed air and electricity.

The vibrant flames created in the LBT envelope the part and quickly raise the part temp to 1000°F which allows for higher set points in the first portions of the furnace, and consequently faster belt speeds.